Sekolah Menengah Islam Hidayah Pasirris Batu Pahat

Our Digital Initiative

How to teach better and how to learn better has always been forefront in the minds of teachers the world over.

Add to that the concerns of muslim parents; that with handheld tech, their teens have doorways to the world -sometimes awesome and beneficial, but other times insane and mad- right in their hands. 

The long periods of remote teaching and learning in 2019-2020 have been detrimental to student growth and character development and, in part, it has been due to the fact that teens have almost unlimited access to their phones or tablets or laptops. 

So how do we address these issues? 

How do we turn something that is first and foremost an advanced entertainment device to teens into something beneficial as a learning tool? 

Enter SMIHBP’s Digital Initiative

Our Digital Initiative aims to

Exploration of concepts become flexible and multilayered. Student are now able to explore concepts learnt on their own. And this is done through simulations, models, videos, audios and many more.

Share and Develop

Sharing is made easy via AirPlay and AirDrop. Students can also use many collaboration tools to coauthor documents together for presentation or exhibition. 

Best of all, learning is now paperless!